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iPhone Application Development Track عربي


This track focuses on building the knowledge and skills that students need to develop applications for iOS.

General Objectives

  • Learn the fundamentals of SWIFT programming language
  • Learn the fundamentals of iOS app development using Cocoa Touch
Course Title Hrs
Fundamentals of Swift20
Developing iOS applications using SWIFT and Cocoa touch60


C++ Track or equivalent knowledge.

Skills Earned
  • Learn the basic of Swift language.
  • How to use Swift classes.
  • How to apply Object Oriented Programming using Swift Language.
  • How to develop IPhone application.
  • How to save your data in sqllite database.
  • How to display the data in Picker view ,Table view.
  • How to upload your application to appstore.

Target Audience

Developers who have experience with other platforms and want to learn how to develop iOS apps.

**This program is designed and developed by infocenter.