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The Students Preparation Guide Program for University

Starting University is a critical transitional phase in a student’s academic life. Hard work and dedication are essential to be successful academically, however it’s not enough. Freshmen and current university students need to be armed with must-have skills and learning tools to maximize their chances, not only of academic success, but of career success later on. Analyzing the needs and the problems facing freshman and actual university students led us, in collaboration with AMA, Microsoft and Cambridge- ELT, to design this unique and effective program; The Preparation Guide for College and University Students, to guide freshmen and facilitate their learning journey.


  • It is a clearly identified practical entry for university students
  • It is a unique 2 phase program that effectively facilitates the academic learning process for university students
  • It is a direct-to-the point program that covers the key aspects of academic skills that students need to get the most out of their studies
  • It is a program that delivers all training on the same software employees depend on
  • It is a program that allows prospective students to experience university life in a friendly and supportive environment
  • It is an effective program that arms students with the needed computer, English and critical skills to succeed in their academic life


  • To improve your computer skills for university assignments
  • To overcome the English Language obstacle at university
  • To become a better presenter
  • To learn how to make researches effectively
  • To improve your writing skills
  • To build up the MUST-HAVE skills for academic and personal success


Course Title Hrs
Computer Skills 40
English Course 40
Critical Skills 40


  • High school graduates sitting for university admission exams
  • Freshmen students
  • Students who face a lot of difficulties in doing their computer assignments, researches, presentations and writing tests
  • Students who English is an obstacle for
  • Anyone who wants to improve his computer, English and life skills in a short and effective way

**This program is designed and developed by infocenter.