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The C++ Programmer Track


The C++ Programmer Track is info’s latest addition to the development trainings provided. This track aims to assist the new comers into the programming development world by training them to think like a programmer. Regardless of the language used to do any program, all program languages share the general concepts of programming in addition to the fundamental blocks of a programming language. In this track, students will be exposed to the different techniques of programming starting with gathering the business information, to flow charting the required procedures needed by the program, and finally implementing the flow chart design into an actual program.

General Objectives

  • Basic Programming Skills
  • Gathering Software Requirement
  • Drawing flowcharts
  • Develop Application using C++


Course Title Hrs
Flowcharting 20
Fundamental of Programming (Visual C++) 30
Object Oriented Programming (Visual C++) 30

Skills Earned

  • Analyzing software requirements
  • Techniques of designing flow charting
  • Fundamental of programming using C++
  • Object oriented programming using C++

Target Audience

Any candidate interested in programming field.

Training Format:

Class Training Time
4 Hours, a day 4 weeks