There is a huge demand for cloud computing professionals across the globe, and it is only projected to continue to rise as more businesses are going digital. With such a high demand, it’s important for savvy career personnel to sharpen and hone their IT skills if they want to keep up-to-speed in this electronic era.

If you’re interested in becoming a Cloud Network Manager, this guide will help you understand the scope, demands, and requirements of this work, as well as what your next step should be in order to pursue your passion.

What is a Cloud Network Manager?

Job responsibilities and tasks can be varied from company to company for network managers and administrators, but overall it includes the following responsibilities:

  • Manage and maintain a client’s network.
  • Responsible for any updating requirements.
  • Conduct performance monitoring when needed.
  • Identify and install upgrades to the network.
  • Network systems troubleshooting.
  • Ensures proper user access to network.
  • Purchase and maintain new networking infrastructure and equipment.
  • Provide training and support to network users.
  • Develop a backup and recovery plan for network emergency situations.

A cloud network manager could have a myriad of other tasks as well, depending on the organization.

Network Management Career Outlook

Right now, cloud network managing jobs are hot, hot, hot! In late 2014, network jobs that required cloud computing skills scored a 79 on the Hiring Scale. The higher the number on this scale, the more difficult it is for hiring managers to fill this position, which means a greater outlook for potential employees. Furthermore, the median salary for similar positions is also very strong, coming in at $90,950 annually.


This data should be encouraging for those wishing to pursue a career in the IT network management field because of the incredible demand in industries across the globe.

With such a promising projection, this area is only expected to keep rising. Those interested should equip themselves with the skills and knowledge needed to meet this rising demand.

What’s Your Next Step?

This information may sound enticing, but what are the next steps you should take if you’re interested in the network management field? Typically, a network manager has a combination of education and experience, such as a Bachelor’s degree in computer science along with several years of network system administration experience.

Furthermore, some organizations may require certain certifications, such as an administration/network manager certification from Cisco, CWNA, Microsoft, or Novell. These certifications will demonstrate your ability to thoroughly and competently lead an organization in its network and cloud computing endeavors.

Cisco Training in Kuwait

Projecting your career to the next level could be closer than you think. If you’re interested in IT or computers and want to open up even more opportunities for success, consider network management work.

Infocenter, the official Oracle University in Kuwait, offers in-depth courses and certification programs to prepare you for network management. Visit our website to learn about our Cisco Certified Network Associate program today!

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