Did you know that Excel is considered the world’s most-used productivity tool? The popular spreadsheet program is used by companies across the globe for things like budgeting, planning, and forecasting. Over 70% of businesses use Excel for Mission Critical Processes and 83% use the program for Month End Close Processes.

With its ease-of-use, flexibility, and versatility, Excel is both incredibly powerful tool and an extremely beneficial resource for you – as a business professional – to understand. These 15 shortcuts don’t just make operating the spreadsheet program easier; they help you fine-tune your Excel skills and knowledge.

Excel Shortcuts 1-5

  1. Holding Ctrl+the arrow keys helps you jump to the edges of your data
  2. Holding Ctrl+Page Up or Page Down allows you to effortlessly and select sheets
  3. Clicking Shift+the arrow keys lets you select different individual cells
  4. Pressing Ctrl+Spacebar selects an entire column or Alt+a to select a whole page
  5. Use Ctrl+Home to return to the top of the first cell and Ctrl+End to go to the last

Tips one through five enable you to quickly jump around a single worksheet or flip through an entire workbook. Along with these shortcuts, you can also use “Go to” (by pressing the F5 key) as a way to navigate from one location to the next. This shortcut is extremely beneficial when trying to work in a complex worksheet.

Excel Shortcuts 6-9

  1. Hitting Ctrl+9 lets you hide data and Ctrl+Shift+9 allows you to unhide it
  2. Selecting Ctrl+Semicolon and Ctrl+Shift+Semicolon lets you insert data
  3. Holding Ctrl+Grave Accent lets you see important formulas behind your cells
  4. Hide distracting pictures or charts by holding Ctrl+6

Shortcuts six through nine help you manipulate, display, and hide data. You can hide columns or rows, see formulas and results behind particular cells, and toggle the display of particular objects on your worksheet.

Excel Shortcuts 10-12

  1. Holding Ctrl+D helps you duplicate the value of the previous cell
  2. Pressing Alt+down provides you with a detailed list of all previous entries
  3. Use Alt+=, or the AutoSum feature, lets you add a column or row of numbers

Tips 10 through 12 allow you to speed up the process of entering new data in rows or columns while also giving you shortcuts to duplicating information and reviewing previously entered data.

Excel Shortcuts 13-15

  1. Selecting Alt+F1 creates charts out of previously entered data in a the current range
  2. Use Alt+Shift+F1 to insert a new worksheet into a workbook
  3. Hit the Ctrl+R buttons to copy both the contents and format of the leftmost cell and paste them into the rightmost cell

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